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Risk management and advisory services

Our team of former senior operatives are here to support your strategic and business decisions with unique intel, deep analysis and tailored recommendations.


  • risk assessments (antifraud, anticorruption, security, operational risk)

  • reports and analysis

  • investigations 

  • litigations support

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CC&a - Consulting and training services

ESG Forensics

Detection of disciplinary violations and frauds from an ESG perspective (complementary to the internal audit controls and the environmental audit)


Investigations regarding violations of specific ESG provisions - analyzing data, issuing the investigation report, corrective measures and improvement recommendations for the company in terms of sustainability


Criminal complaints preparation support

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CC&a - ESG forensics

KYC/KYS/CDD services

The key to effectively managing your customer/supplier relationships is information. Both KYS (know your supplier) and KYC (know your customer) are programs implemented to prevent any third-party risks.

KYC/KYS offers supplier risk management which is a must for a successful business:


   • conduct due diligence during the onboarding of your customers/suppliers

   • assess risks that can be caused by your current customers/suppliers

   • the aim of KYC/KYS is to minimize the possible risks that your business partners can impose on your business.

*can be applied also for potential investors, business partners

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CC&a - Business partners screening

Know your staff

This procedure is helping companies in the assessment process of the candidates, to determine the potential risks associated with the private individuals (gambling,  alcohol and drugs consuming, other bad behaviors, litigations, debts, crimes) and will protect your company from:


  • wide ranging reputational damage

  • lengthy and costly remediation efforts

  • litigations with customers, investors, shareholders or any other party with interest in your company’s services

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CC&a - Job applicants screening

Internal processes and procedures assessments and optimization

The assessment and improvement of internal workflows and procedures are crucial for boosting business performance since these actions provide a clear view about potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Main Objectives: 

   • avoid waste as much as possible: of time, money, resources

   • ensure the reduction of human errors and fraud attempts

   • solve problems faced by the organization


   • risk mitigation

   • more efficient processes

   • greater problem-solving ability

   • results increasing

   • improving process security

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CC&a - Assessment and optimization of companies' internal processes and regulations

Specialized trainings

Bespoke training delivered by specialists with at least 20 years experience on subject matter and solid training skills.

​Relevant topics:

  • preventing IDs and passports fraud

  • antifraud and security interviewing techniques

  • HR interviewing techniques

  • anticorruption training


Based on your need, we can find the most relevant teacher and prepare customized training just for you.


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CC&a - Fighting document fraud

CC&a - Anticorruption training

​Executive search

Identify and propose suitable candidates from specialist to management level, in the following specialized fields:

  • compliance and AML

  • security

  • fraud prevention

  • risk management

  • forensic

  • financial crime


Our approach: understanding your need, finding the appropriate candidates, applying behavioral and personality assessments, performing full range of background checks, performing initial interviews.

Join the European institutions

Full range of consulting services in view of selection for a job in the European institutions:

  • career in the European institutions

  • standard and specific personnel selection procedures used in the European institutions

  • assessment center and methodology used for each stage of selection process

  • tailored assistance during your preparation for the different competition stages (application, assessment center, interview, psychological assessment, competency based tests: abstract, verbal and numerical reasoning, situational judgement).

Download the presentations:

CC&a - Join the European Institutions 1/2

CC&a - Join the European Institutions 2/2

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