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International Anti-Corruption Day

Tomorrow we mark an important date, December 9th - International Anti-Corruption Day.

After 20 years since its initiation through the United Nations Convention against Corruption, it is time for all of us to once again remember this scourge.

The modus operandi of corruption is like that of a virus, silently infiltrating organizations where it finds vulnerability. It thrives where prevention mechanisms are lacking, where the technique is inadequate, or where top management does not lead appropriately.

Set globally, this day also gives us the dimension of corruption. Whether it is in public companies or private firms, Romanian or foreign, small-scale or highly pervasive corruption, it disrupts and destroys.

It leaves behind various damages and shattered destinies. It is not a day of celebration but a day of reflection.

Transparency kills corruption! Take a stand, reject immorality! With integrity towards a better future!


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